God & the Gays

First of all, don’t read this if you’re going to get offended. I’m not here to fight, so don’t even bother. Also, I’m not bashing anyone’s religion, you’re all entitled to your opinions. For all I know, they could be true. So here we go. There’s obviously a lot of discussion on this topic, and I’ve been thinking about it lately. Some people say that God believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that gays are terrible people. Then there’s the people who say that God loves everybody, including the gays. Personally, I think that if God even exists at all, it doesn’t matter what He says. If God is narrow-minded enough not to accept gays, then He is no one I’d want to look up to. Say heaven is made up of people who meet God’s standards. Personally, I’d rather be in Hell. You see, the thought of spending eternity in a place where everyone is against being different, makes me physically ill. If that’s the case though, there’s no way I’d end up there anyway. When I picture God, I see Him as being upset with how He is viewed. He’s probably smarter than to think that everything is the same as when He was around. I bet He’d embrace change, and want things to be different than they were. Obviously the world is a very different place nowadays. We do not live the same way as we did back then, or even just 10 years ago. I can’t help but picture Him as being almost amused with the hysteria around him. He’s supposed to be humble, is He not? I don’t think He’d want everyone to take everything ever said about him literally, and to follow it exactly. He’d probably want us to find our own paths, and to view the bible as merely guidelines. Actually, He probably doesn’t even want the bible at all. I certainly don’t think he wrote it, some crazy person who hardly knew Him probably did. Well, that’s the kind of God I’d want. This whole thing is hypothetical though, of course. I don’t believe in God, not singular at least. If I’m completely wrong, if there is the whole story with God and Jesus, if it’s true, that’s how I imagine him. Personally, I believe that there could be some type of higher power out there, bigger than we can understand, just not this “God”. I don’t think it’s a single man up in the clouds, I don’t even think we can begin to grasp what else is out there, there’s just too much we don’t know. Sometimes I think of the universe as a single world. All the planets within it have been experiments, with the real higher powers trying to get it just right. There’d be lots of them, planets with life. Earth wouldn’t be one of the successful ones though; we’d be looked at like monsters. Kind of like in the second Spy Kids movie, where Romero’s plan went terribly wrong. After accidentally making his sweet little miniature animals expand to a frightening side, he then spent his life terrified of what he’d created. That’s probably how we look, except I see us as being more funny then frightening. They probably joke about us, see us as almost entertainment. Our problems would just be so miniscule on the scale of what’s out there, so why would they even worry about us? Anyway, I don’t know what to believe. I pray every night, but I say “Dear whoever is listening,” whether that be Jesus, Buddha, whoever. If it does nothing else, it allows me to create goals. I ask for what I want, and I’m positive when I pray. My positive thoughts put me in a good mind space. That allows me to do what I can to achieve them on my own. Maybe that’s why praying works at all, for anyone. Basically, I just really don’t know. I’ll continue to pray, and respect all religions, but I don’t think I’ll ever be an active part of any. Back to my original point though; if “God” doesn’t accept the gays, then I don’t accept Him.